Pakistan: Goat Tortured, Gangraped and Killed, Imran Khan Trolled

31 Jul, 2021 13:47 IST|Sakshi Post

An incident was reported from Pakistan where a goat was allegedly gang-raped, tortured, and then killed. Yes, you read that right. An animal became the victim of sexual assault. The goat was raped by 5 men in Okara and then killed. Police later booked these men.

It was a labourer’s goat. According to the reports, the five men took the laborer's goat to a compound. There they raped, tormented, and killed the animal. They tried running away from the crime scene without being seeing by anyone but fortunately few locals saw them leaving. When the details of this case got out, it led to an outrage in Pakistan. People are disgusted and horrified.

Many shared their disappointment on social media and called out Prime Minister Imran Khan. The PM often blames women's clothing and dressing for sexual assault cases in Pakistan. He said that this is why the Burkha system is necessary. If you wear revealing clothes, it will tempt women. But now that a goat has been raped, what does the PM have to say about this? Should animals too roam around keeping a check on their appearance?

What do you expect? Now the case is that even animals are not safe in Pakistan. Even they will have to wear an abaya, said Mathira, a Pakistani actor. Netizens are demanding an answer from Khan and have also asked for strict punishment for the accused men.

Now even animals affect men. They are getting tempted by naked animals. I know it. Now Imran will ask the goats to cover themselves as men are getting tempted by seeing them naked, wrote another user on Twitter.

Over the past few years, the cases of sexual assault have increased in Pakistan. Amidst all this, PM Imran Khan shared in an interview that women wearing revealing clothes are the reason that men are getting tempted. He said that men are not robots, they will get affected.

This led to an outrage on social media with citizens calling him out and not taking any concrete measures for the safety of women in the country.

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