Pakistani Attacks UK Gurudwara, Arrested

27 May, 2020 10:11 IST|Sakshi Post

LONDON: United Kingdom police arrested a Pakistani man for allegedly trying to mobilise Sikhs against India over Kashmir and attacking a gurdwara in eastern England

According to media reports, the man was later identified and nabbed for causing damages at the Guru Arjan Dev Gurdwara at Stanhope Street in Derbyshire, around 200 km from London.

After its front doors were found smashed in the early hours of Monday morning, the gurudwara immediately alerted the Derbyshire Police. 

The gurudwara in a statement said, "An individual entered the gurdwara premises causing thousands of pounds of damage. We can confirm that no individual was injured and that the clean-up process has begun."

As per media reports, the man also left a note mentioning Kashmir on the walls of the gurdwara along with the phone number.  "Try to help Kashmir people otherwise problem everyone," note read. 

"This is an area with a multicultural community, where all have lived and worked together for many years. Especially during these times, faith-based charities have been at the forefront. This incident nor this message will create any tension between relations, but how you react to this will," the gurudwara said in a Facebook post.

The shrine authorities also mentioned that a single individual or a small group was probably behind the incident. People should not malign the whole Muslim community. 

Further the shrine authorities added that would continue the service for the community with langar and continue to stream live nitnem (daily prayers) while safety for all the gurudwara volunteers and employees. 

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