Numerologists Say Trump Will Win

22 Oct, 2020 10:41 IST|Sakshi Post

Who will win – political soothsayers or crystal ball-gazers?  This is the hotly debated question in the US these days. With the nation gripped by presidential election fever, bets are being hedged on who among incumbent Donald Trump and challenger Joe Biden will win the election.

While psychologists are claiming that Biden has a clear edge over Trump in popularity and voter support, the almanac readers and astrologers have a different take. They are arguing that Trump with come back. Numerologists claim that based on the life path number and the master year, Trump is going to come back.  Numerologists determine the life path number or destiny number through a complicated mathematical equation. Thus Trump’s destiny number is 22, which is the number of master builders. These people make grandiose plans and achive great victories.

Joe Biden’s life path number is 2 and this is quite a weak number, they argue. Those with such numbers cannot achive much despite their hard work and dedication. Also, the numerologists claim that 2020 is a master year for Trump and hence, his victory would be a foregone conclusion. So, it would be Trump again, they are claiming.

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