Gargling With MouthWash May Inactivate Coronavirus

12 Aug, 2020 10:44 IST|Sakshi Post

A new study says that gargling with the commercially available mouthwashes can inactivate the novel coronavirus. Gargling with these products may reduce the quantitites of viral particles present in the mouth and throat and thereby help lessen the spread of the coronavirus infection.

However, the study made it clear that mouthwashes are no guaranteed treatment and it will not protect one from getting infected with the deadly virus. But it can possibly reduce the chances of spread and transmission.

As of now, there is no approved treatment or preventive cure for COVID-19.
Researchers believe that "Oral rinsing might reduce the viral load of saliva and could thus lower the transmission of SARS-CoV-2."

The scientists wrote in the study that, "Our findings specifically recommend testing selected formulations in a clinical sense to routinely assess the decontamination and tissue protection of the oral cavity in patients and healthcare workers in order to potentially avoid the transmission of viruses."

As a part of the research, scientists have tested eight types of mouthwash with different ingredients available in German Pharmacies.

The scientists have taken a quantity of mouthwash and mixed it with virus particles and a substance intended to recreate the effect of saliva in the mouth. Then they shook for 30 seconds and then tested the mixture in Vero E6 cells.  

The scientists also handled the virus suspensions with a cell culture medium instead of the mouthwash before introducing them to the lab-grown cells in order to determine the effectiveness of the mouthwash.

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