New York Woman Found An Apartment Behind Her Mirror, Video Viral In Tiktok

6 Mar, 2021 12:17 IST|Sakshi Post

A New York Woman discovered something weird behind her bathroom mirror in her apartment. She felt excited and shared the video in Tiktok which hit millions of views. “I feel cold air blowing on me,” Samantha Hartsoe said in the video. “And the air’s coming from the mirror.” She removed the mirror to find a hole. Upon further inspections, Hartsoe discovered that there was something more to it. “It’s just electrical. Oh no no no! There’s a room back there,” she said.

Hartsoe recorded her discovery in a four-part series on TikTok that reminded viewers of horror films like “The Candyman” They warned her to stay away. “Cover it up. Pretend you never saw it. Move out” one viewer said. Hartsoe didn’t take the advice. Instead, armed with a hammer, she made her way through the hole and into the mystery room. Weirdly, I wasn’t scared, Hartsoe later said in an interview. 

Though worried the wall might break, she squeezed her way through as one of her roommates stood to watch. Once on the other side, Hartsoe found trash bags, boxes and yet another discovery. It wasn’t just a mystery room on the other side, but a whole apartment.

Hartsoe was able to leave the mystery apartment through the front door and make it back to her own. “Made it out alive,” she said. It was freaky enough to send others scurrying to check their bathroom mirrors. “All right, we’re good,” one viewer said as they pulled on their bathroom mirror.

Apparently, some buildings have holes like that as easy access for maintenance people to get to plumbing fixtures. Management at Hartsoe’s building declined to comment but she said she called maintenance to come over and take a look.

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