New Taliban Rule in Afghanistan: You Will Be Stoned For Illegal Intercourse

15 Sep, 2021 13:07 IST|Sakshi Post

Years ago, this is what happened in Afghanistan when the Taliban ruled the country for a few years. Later the US invaded Afghan and the rule came to an end. Now once again, we are back to the Ministry for the Propagation of Virtue.

Taliban forces are saying that this is to serve Islam. They are practicing what is right. To serve Islam, we will have to resort to the ministry of vice. It is needed. The plight of women in Afghanistan is not good. They are being restricted from doing most of the basic things. Even the men are facing certain restrictions in the country.

Sharia law is back in the country. The ministry of virtue and vice has one work and that is to ensure that Sharia law is enforced properly. Under this, there are many restrictions including barring women from participating in sports, stepping out of the house, higher education, and other such activities. Anyone going out of the line will be punished accordingly.

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The last time when Taliban ruled Afghanistan, they resorted to means like stoning, amputated people, or publically executed them. This time as well chances are that they will punish similarly. “We will punish the wrongdoers as per the rule, as per the guidelines in Islam. We will do as per Islamic rules,” said Mohammad Yusuf, the one claimed to be responsible for the central zone in the country.

In case of illegal intercourse, the ones committing the crime will be punished. The punishment for this is stoning. Earlier the women of the country faced this punishment. In case it was not intentional, then the two partners will have to recite the story. Their story should match and witness will also be required. We will see discrepancies in the story. They will be punished accordingly. 

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