New Jersey's Shot And Beer Campaign to Encourage Vaccination

6 May, 2021 12:04 IST|Sakshi Post

Covid19 vaccines are available all over the world but people don't need to be taking the shot. Many are either sceptical or are just delaying the vaccination. The government all over the world are coming up with various ideas and offers for the citizens to motivate them into taking the vaccine shot.

The New Jersey officials have come up with one very creative idea to motivate its citizens into getting the vaccine. Governor Phil Murphy recently announced that anyone who gets their first dose of the Covid19 vaccine will get a free beer. This is a unique way of boosting the vaccination process.

Murphy shared that they are not going to shy away from trying new things. They will think of unique and fun ways of encouraging their citizens. He announced the “Shot and a Beer” program on Twitter and shared a list of breweries that are taking part in this campaign.

 “We’re launching our ‘Shot and a Beer’ program to encourage eligible New Jerseyans ages 21+ to get vaccinated,” read the tweet. “Any New Jerseyan who gets their first vaccine dose in May and takes their vaccination card to a participating brewery will receive a free beer.”

A total of 13 breweries took part in this campaign. This program is only eligible to citizens 21 years and above. You will need to show the vaccine card at the brewery as proof to receive the free beer. A wonderful thing is that the breweries will be taking responsibility for the bill. This is on the house. Everyone is working together to make this a successful program.

For now, there are 13 breweries taking part, including Battle River Brewing, Bradley Beer Project, Bolero Snort Brewing Company, Brix City Brewing Company, Carton Brewing Company, Flounder Brewing Company, Flying Fish Brewing Company, Gaslight Brewery and Restaurant, Hackensack Brewing Company, Kane Brewing Company, Little Dog Brewing Company, Magnify Brewing Company and River Horse Brewing Company. Murphy added that more breweries could take part in the coming time.

As many Americans are not willing to take the vaccine shot, the health officials and government are trying new methods to encourage them.

“Any New Jerseyan age 21+ who gets their first vaccine dose in the month of May can receive a free beer from a participating brewery – until May 31st,” came an update from the Governor.

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