Listen To The Sounds Of The Universe

14 Oct, 2020 07:58 IST|Sakshi Post

It is very difficult to understand the space and on other hand it is also intriguing to know about the facts of the universe. We come across different theories about galaxies, black holes, planets etc. Have you ever experienced what does the universe sound like? No worries, here is a video for you.

The Twitter handle of Hubble shared the video and tweeted as, "Hubble brings us stunning cosmic sights, but images can be experienced with other senses as well! Though there’s no sound in space, assigning pitches to stars and galaxies in this image provides a new way to conceptualize its data." Here is the video.

NASA explains "Through data sonification, the same digital data that gets translated into images is transformed into sound."

NASA further added that, "Elements of the image, like brightness and position, are assigned pitches and volumes. No sound can travel in space, but sonification provides a new way of experiencing and conceptualising data. It allows the audience, including blind and visually impaired communities, to 'listen' to astronomical images and explore their data."

In simpler terms, it is also possible to transform the data obtained from telescopes. The images can be converted into sounds, which will help researchers understand the world from a different viewpoint.

Here is the video of 'Data Sonification: The center of the Milky Way'. Sonification is the method that converts data into sound, and for the first time, a new project introduces the centre of the Milky Way to listeners. The translation starts on the left side of the image and shifts to the right, with the sounds reflecting the sources' location and brightness.

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