Man Goes Bald After Shaving Girlfriend's Head

31 Jul, 2020 07:18 IST|Sakshi Post

There are different ways of expressing love and support towards our dear ones. There are people who always go that extra mile to make the most important persons in their life happy. A video of a man shaving his girlfriend's head who suffers from alopecia surfaced online and it proves the same.

The video clip was shared by former basketball player Rex Chapman with the caption, ‘His girlfriend was struggling with her hair loss from alopecia. Get out the tissues’. Alopecia, a condition that causes some or complete hair loss, often creating bald patches and some other times these patches combine and hairfall becomes noticeable.

In the video, one could see the boyfriend shaving off his girlfriend's head who suffers from alopecia. She can be seen holding back tears as her head is being shaved. Later she looks up and sees her boyfriend shaving his own head. She becomes more emotional and the man stops for a bit; Plants a kiss on the cheek and then continues to shave his head. Here is the video, just give a look at it.

The video is now going viral online and it has left the Twitterati a teary eyed. Here are some of the tweets from the Twitter.

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