Lesbian Tendency: School Girl Expelled For Her Sexual Orientation

2 Feb, 2021 17:47 IST|Sakshi Post

Even when the same-sex marriage has been legalized in most parts of US, people have still not accepted homosexuality as something that is as general and common as heterosexuality. In an incident that took place in Oklahoma, US, an eight year-old girl had to face issues due to her ‘preference.’

8 year-old Chloe Shelton who studies at Rejoice Christian School in Owasso was expelled after she expressed her feelings to a fellow classmate. Chloe said to one of the girls in her class that she has a ‘crush’ on her. Following this confession, the school expelled not just Chloe but her 5-year-old brother as well.

The school called mother Delanie Shelton to share the details of the incident. The mother was told to take her daughter away. During the meeting at the Principal's office, the mother was cited Bible lessons. The Vice Principal told her that even the Bible says that a woman can have kids only with a man. The mother said she doesn’t see any problem with girls liking girls. It is okay with her.

The Rejoice Christian School manual states that indulging in any homosexual or bisexual act will be considered as sexual immorality and can lead to one’s expulsion. Chloe’s mother Delanie tried saying that her little girl must not have used ‘Crush’ in a meaning that she likes the other girl or wants to get into a relationship with her. A ‘crush’ to Chloe could mean, ‘she likes the girl’s company and would want to play with her.’

But the school didn’t agree with her ideology. They told Delanie to take her kids away and expelled Chloe and her brother. Delanie tried to reason with the school authorities and asked Superintendent Joel Pepin to arrange for a meeting but they just declined her request.

Chloe was upset and confused after the incident. She started questioning a lot of things. But many on the online platform are standing in her support.

An alumna of Rejoice Christian School, Kylie Holden shared 8 year-old Chloe’s story on Facebook and requested everyone to extend their support to the little girl. Ever since the story was posted, many people have sent goodies and support packages to Chloe, also reassuring her that she is loved by all.

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