Japanese Princess Mako to Renounce Royal Heritage and Forgo Humongous Dowry to Marry Commoner

4 Oct, 2021 13:38 IST|Sakshi Post

TOKYO: It was confirmed recently that Japan’s Princess Mako will be marrying her commoner fiancée very soon. Now the announcement from Imperial Household Agency is that the ceremony will take place later this month.

Kachi Takaharu, the chief official in charge of Crown Prince Akishino's family, disclosed the plans at a press conference, according to NHK World. All the important documents will be submitted soon.

Takaharu confirmed that the registration of marriage will be submitted to the municipality on October 26. The couple decided on this particular date as it is seen to be the luckiest date in the Japanese Calendar. Also, the couple will hold a news conference on the day of registration submission.

Princess Mako has decided to marry her commoner fiancée who she met a few years back. They met at the International Christian University in Tokyo in 2012. The marriage will mean changes for the Princess as she moves out of the family. It will be a simple event with no traditional ceremonies taking place, said the agency at a news conference.

Not just that, the Princess also refused to take any amount or payment that female imperial family members usually get at the time of marriage. She came to this decision as there was a lot of criticism towards her and the groom’s family. All this caused her a lot of stress and tension. She has been diagnosed with complex post-traumatic stress disorder or PTSD.

According to NHK World, Princess Mako and Komuro are planning to shift to the United States to begin their new lives after marriage. This will happen as the princess will quit the Imperial family and acquire a passport and visa.

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