Internet Reacts To Burger King Whopper Blocking Suez Canal Post With Memes

4 Apr, 2021 16:16 IST|Sakshi Post

The Suez Canal blocking has become a major problem. It has caused many losses and experts are waiting to find a solution. But while the world waits to see the end to this crisis, major brands are taking this situation to develop a marketing strategy. Recently, a major fast-food brand, Burger King caused controversy with their ad.

The company shared their ad on social media platform on Saturday. Netizens were not happy with the ad as it showed Whopper burger blocking the Suez Canal. Burger King started trending worldwide, but for all the wrong reasons. Many individuals on the internet said that this is not the way to promote a brand. What Burger King did was wrong as they made fun of the situation.

A poster that was shared on Burger King’s Instagram page referred to the Suez Canal blockage problem. “With Burger King, there is no channel that interrupts our delivery, not even the one of a marvellous Whopper Double.”

The ad was criticized by many on social media. Many pointed out that Burger King was using a serious situation for their marketing.

One user on Instagram wrote, “This is disgusting. Something that has caused a lot of problems and led to a crisis is a matter of fun to you. Using the Suez Canal problem for your marketing was simply a horrible idea.”

“Marketing by making fun of a crisis being faced by a country? Cheap move Burger King. Believe me, the audience is not stupid. This strategy will fail,” wrote another user.

Both Instagram and Twitter were filled with comments from people who were disappointed and called out Burger King for their ignorance.

Suez Canal Crisis

For almost a week now, the Suez Canal has been blocked by the long vessel, ‘Ever Given.’ The vessel got stuck diagonally and blocked the passage. The canal is one of the narrowest shipping routes. This incident has caused a lot of problems including trade loss.

Some people reacted to the Burger King and Suez Canal situation with memes. Take a look here: 

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