Indian Samosa Launched Into Space Crash Lands In France Fields

14 Jan, 2021 11:32 IST|Sakshi Post

It may sound funny and odd but it is true. An Indian restaurant actually sent samosas into space. Niraj Gadher, owner of UK based eatery; ‘Chai Walla’ finally fulfilled his fun dream. Gadher once jokingly said that, if he gets a chance he would like to send a samosa to space.

The opportunity came during lockdown when people were bored and needed entertainment. This restaurant owner had to try multiple times before the mission finally succeeded. He decided to use Helium balloons for this mission and took help from his friends.

The group failed twice as both times there was a problem with the helium balloon. Well, Third time’s a Charm, during this try everything went according to the plan. Neeraj wrapped the samosa well, attached it to a balloon with a GoPro camera and a GPS tracker and successfully launched his samosa into space.

They kept tracking the samosa through the GPS, but the signal was lost after sometime. They waited till the next day for GPS to work again, when the signal came back, the group found that the balloon crashed in France. They tried to contact people in france through instagram.

Axel Mathon, an instagram user decided to help the UK group and find their samosa. Axel finally found the balloon tangled in the trees along with a package that contained a samosa and a wrap. He found the samosa and was surprised as this was actually happening.

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