If You Can Answer This One Question Elon Musk Asks In Every Interview, You Can Get Any Job

30 Jan, 2021 10:23 IST|Sakshi Post

Getting a job in one of the world's biggest companies can be tricky but if you have knowledge, then no problem. Tesla is one of the top companies in the world but getting a job here doesn’t require any fancy degree.

When you are running a large company, it is also important to see who you are hiring. People who work in the company are the most important. CEO of Tesla, Elon Musk doesn’t really care about education and fancy degrees. All he needs is passionate and truthful people, who have knowledge.

When you are applying for a job in Tesla, you obviously need knowledge and understanding of AI. Musk doesn’t really care about degrees and has no problem if the people working in Tesla have gone to college or not. All he sees is that the person will have an understanding of Artificial Intelligence (AI).

While submitting resumes and during job interviews, many people tend to lie about their skill set and experience. But the Tesla owner will ask you questions that will help him in detecting the truth.

Musk asks a carefully thought out question to every candidate in order to determine their potential and to catch the truth, in any interview. His question is something that every person applying for jobs should think about. Not just Tesla, but any company you want to work for, this question will help you.

At the World Government Summit in 2017, Musk shared a question that he asks every interview candidate. This is the question; “Tell me about some of the most difficult problems you worked on and how you solved them.”

Musk believes that this is not a tough question. If a person actually faced and solved difficult problems and what they are saying on their resume is true; then it will not take time for them to explain what they did. The person will take you through the entire procedure and will share their experience of solving it. They will share all the details.

But if the person was lying, he will have difficulties in sharing all the details. They will not be able to share the solution, properly.

This actually is a very good question and will help him out in picking out liars. This question is something that every person should think of, when they are going for interviews. Say the truth and leave no details.

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