Greece PM's Bumper Offer to Youth To Get COVID Jabs

29 Jun, 2021 16:19 IST|Sakshi Post

People from other countries don't seem to be keen on getting their COVID jabs. To encourage them and prevent the spread of coronavirus, the Prime Minister of Greece has made a cash offer to the country's youth.

The only way to protect oneself from coronavirus, according to medical experts, is to get vaccinated. Many people, however, avoid it for the fear of the vaccine's adverse effects. Although healthcare experts advise against believing these falsehoods, people are firm. While India is battling a shortage of vaccine doses, a few countries where there is enough stock is facing a different problem altogether. There are no takers for COVID shots.

So, governments have announced rewards to individuals who are ready to get vaccinated to encourage them to get the jab. Many countries have offered lottery tickets, beer and other rewards to individuals who get vaccinated. Greece's government just went a step further to make a cash offer.

The United States of America was the first country to purchase and store the vaccine. However, surprisingly, the United States has only vaccinated half of the country's population thus far. According to official data, just 16 crore people out of a total population of 33 crores have been vaccinated. Only 12 crore individuals are believed to have taken two doses.

However, statistics reveal that people's enthusiasm for getting vaccines, which used to range from forty to fifty million in a single day, has now dropped to less than ten lakh per day. The United States, on the other hand, has permitted citizens to resume work without masks.

Vaccination companies too are offering special deals. Some states have promised free beer for individuals who have been vaccinated during the summer, while Virginia has announced $50 million in free park admissions, lotteries and free vacation prizes, as well as free restaurant meals and savings bonds.

Greece has made an irresistible offer to overtake the United States. The country's Prime Minister has made a generous deal for young people under the age of 26. Vaccination against coronavirus costs 150 euros, which is around Rs 13,288 in Indian currency.  He has announced rewards to individuals who take the first dosage starting July 15. Greece's primary source of revenue is tourism. The administration has chosen to vaccinate and enrol all eligible individuals in the country. Young people, on the other hand, are uninterested in vaccinations. As a result, such offers had to be made public.

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