Female Tattoo Artist In Afghanistan Breaks Traditions With Her Designs

2 Dec, 2020 10:22 IST|Sakshi Post

Women are doing everything and they are proving that they are not less than anyone. Soraya Shahidy of Afghanistan is an artist who is breaking all the stereotypes with her creations.  She believes that she is the first female tattoo artist in the country where many say that tattoos are forbidden under Islam. She got trained in Turkey and Iran and said that her artwork is legitimate in Islam.

Speaking to a news agency, she said, "I could have performed this profession abroad but I wanted to do it in Afghanistan because there are no female tattoo artists in the country. I believe it's not only men who can apply tattoos. Women can do it too."

Shahid said that some mullahs say tattoos are forbidden, but there are other mullahs who say the opposite. She further added that people of Kabul are showing their interest in inking tattoos.

She said that most of the people want tattoos on their hands, arms, neck and legs. Girls are more interested in delicate tattoo designs like the names of those they love, roses, butterflies and dragonflies. But some boys prefer designs that are extravagant to her. She added that once a client wanted a tattoo of a tombstone inscribed "volunteer of death".

Like many in the world, Shahidy is thinking of the possibility that the Taliban, who are in peace talks with the Afghan government to end two decades of war, will return to power. She expressed confidence that since the hardline Islamists were expelled in 2001, the nation has changed drastically.  She said that "We are not the people who can easily lose the achievements we have gained over the recent years."

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