Fear of Needles Stopping You From Taking That COVID Shot? Here's Good News!

18 Mar, 2021 13:30 IST|Sakshi Post

The spread of coronavirus has increased in the past few months. New variants have also been found and the vaccine rollout has not been done in all the countries. According to the reports, out of all the nations, 122 countries have started their vaccination drive. But the pace is not very favourable. More people have to get immunized but it is difficult for the manufacturers to make so many doses at once.

With the increasing problems, there is a need for other solutions as well. The health experts are busy trying to come up with alternatives. In a recent report, it was said by the World Health Organization (WHO) that later this year, an improved version of the COVID19 vaccine will come out that does not require needles.

This new version will be made in such a way that it can also be stored at room temperature and be given out without needles. This vaccine will likely be out by the end of 2021 or in the starting month of next year. World Health Organization’s (WHO) scientist Soumya Swaminathan confirmed the news.

We’re thrilled with the vaccines that we have, but we can improve further. I think, well into 2022, we’re going to see the emergence of improved vaccines,” said Swaminathan. The clinical studies and research will take some time. After reviewing the vaccine, it will be rolled out. This will take some time.

New variants of the virus keep emerging and with that, the spread of coronavirus keeps increasing. In some countries, people are ready to get vaccinated but there aren’t enough doses. Out of all the nations, 122 countries have started their vaccination drive, including India.

India is currently in Phase 2 and has started vaccinating elderly people. But the argument was that it needs to pace up and start vaccinating more people especially in the states with high risk.

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