Don't Plan Holidays Until 2023, Says Britain Psychic Who Predicted COVID

29 Jun, 2021 12:53 IST|Sakshi Post

Former bingo caller and hotel singer Roxanne Furnival predicted that another covid wave is going to come in December. She further added that there is not going to be a lockdown in future but there will be some restrictions. She warned that it is going to take 30 years to recover from the effects of the pandemic.

The 35-years-old Roxanne told not to book any holidays until the summer of 2022 or 2023 as restrictions are going to be there for the next two years.

She asserted that, "August is going to be the best month to do things. I don’t see a heatwave, but I see warm weather, less rain and everything being more open.”

She said that there will be riots and a lot of civil unrest and it’s going to be a trying time. She warned people to be mindful of their actions.

She also sees some seismic developments in UK politics, the Royal Family. She said that there are going to be three children for Harry and Meghan and don’t see Kate and William having another, though.

A few days ago, Nicolas Aujula, the 35-year-old predicted the coronavirus pandemic and Donald Trump’s defeat. A few other predictions of Nicolas - Earthquakes in Cuba and China, issues with crops will lead to rising food prices, Sunderland being promoted and London cabbies going on strike. He predicted that the panic and restrictions around the virus will go on until 2022.

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