Coronavirus May Have Leaked From Wuhan Lab: US Report

8 Jun, 2021 15:44 IST|Sakshi Post

Ever since the outbreak of Covid19 from its first identification in China’s Wuhan district, there have been many theories that the virus actually leaked from the Chinese lab. Many experts believe that this theory is possible and further research must be done to verify it. The Wall Street Journal reported on this matter. People are now demanding a thorough investigation into this matter.

A study was done in May 2020 by Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory in California. Later on, they referred this theory to the state department from where an enquiry was launched into the pandemic’s origin. Even though this investigation started during the final months of Donald Trump’s rule, it is still going on as current President Joe Biden has extended his support towards it.

As of now, there are two theories that the USA is working on. One is that- the virus leaked from a lab or the second theory is that- a person might have come in contact with an infected animal. There is no definitive answer to this theory as the experts have not arrived at a conclusion.

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According to a report by US intelligence, some of the Wuhan Lab’s researchers fell really sick back in November 2019. They had to be shifted to a hospital for treatment. This report by US intelligence is a classified one and somehow came into circulation during Trump’s administration.

China has been questioned a lot of times, by the US and by other countries as well. But there has been no answer from them yet. They refuse to speak on the origin and outbreak of Covid19.

This virus has changed everyone’s lives. On November 17th, 2019 the first case of coronavirus was reported in Wuhan. Even when most countries have started their vaccination drive and few are also done inoculating 100% of their population, the situation still doesn’t seem to go back to normal. In fact, humans have termed, Covid as the ‘new normal’.

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