This Coca Cola Ad Reminds Us That Every Black Cloud Has A Silver Lining

29 Apr, 2021 12:35 IST|Sakshi Post
Screengrab from Coca Cola ad

When the world faces darkness, we need the light to guide us. When there is only negativity and sadness around, there comes someone to spread hope and joy. This is what humanity needs right now. We all face the scare of Covid19. The virus has put the world under a black cloud. But something tells us that you can still find little moments of happiness in this trying time.

This is exactly what the 'Coca Cola ad' is trying to convey. Even though the video came out last year in May, it is still so relevant. For all that the world is enduring right now, you can still find hope in people who help others.

Covid might have become the new normal, but this normal is also laid with optimism. The Coca Cola ad brings us, no the glass is not half empty, “the glass is half full.” A montage of all that the human race had to face since last year and the heroes that came forward to make the world a better place.

A thank you to all the frontline workers, the medical staff, doctors, NGOs and everyone out there who provided help when it was most needed.

The second wave is spreading where countries, especially like India, needs all the support it can get. Where there is ‘scare mongering’ there will also be ‘care mongering.’ Yes, India is facing a difficult situation. But the world hasn’t forgotten. US, France, Ireland, UK, Saudi Arabia, Singapore and many more nations stand with us, telling India that they are not alone in this battle. Countries are helping in every way they can.

Applause to all who showed us that where there is ‘scare mongering,’ we will fight it with ‘care mongering.’

Thank you to Coca Cola for showing us that “Optimism is more contagious than any contagion.”

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