China’s Viral Video: Woman Pinned Down for Swab Test

5 May, 2022 17:31 IST|Sakshi Post

In the name of zero-Covid policy, Chinese authorities' excesses on common people are increasing each passing day. Netizens are enraged after a video from China emerged in which a woman is pinned down by a man for a Covid swab test. 

In this video which is gaining traction on Twitter, the woman is seen lying down on the floor of what appears to be a testing centre with a man sitting  on top of her. She could be heard screaming and trying to resist the test being done forcibly but the man overpowers her and lets the health personnel swab her mouth and nose. Sakshi Post can’t vouch for the authenticity of the video and also the location of the video is also unverifiable. 

The video, which first appeared on Weibo, Chinese desi Twitter, soon found its place on other social media platforms. The social media users have expressed shock at this behaviour.

“What a horror how they subjugate the poor people,” commented a user. “All this is tragic, absolutely unbearable.” another user tweeted. 

According to the National Review, a US-based magazine, Shanghai residents are being subjected to unprecedented neglect, mistreatment and abuse. It also brings to light China's rigid and ineffective governance of the country, reported National Review. It also added, disguised as "pandemic prevention", these violations have exposed the cruel and inhumane side of Communist China's system. 

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In the video ‘Voice of April’, Shanghai residents depict the endless suffering of people under the zero-Covid policy. The video soon went viral as it exposed China’s censorship of its own citizens. 

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