Check How Tesla Autopilot Feature Saved Drunk Driver In Norway

3 Aug, 2021 15:38 IST|Sakshi Post
Source: Screenshot captured from Austin Tesla Club Twitter Handle

A Tesla driver in Norway decided to test his Model S while drunk and visibly fell asleep during the drive. He, however, activated Autopilot and the driver-assist system managed to safely bring the electric vehicle to a stop.

This whole scene was captured by a person from another vehicle on the road. He watched that the driver in the Tesla Model S was unconscious at the wheel of the electric vehicle. So he followed the driver and filmed him driving on the road with his head down for over a minute. The video is going viral on the internet now.

Austin Tesla Club tweeted this saying, “Tesla owner in Norway suffers unconsciousness while driving, Tesla autopilot detects it, slows, comes to a stop so EMS can help @elonmusk @Tesla.”

The Tesla Model S eventually stopped by itself and the police who arrived on the scene observed that the driver is drunk.

However, the Telsa website recommends that the autopilot feature in its cars should only be used under active driver supervision.

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