From Beer To Tinder Boosts, Countries Offer Attractive Schemes To Get People Vaccinated

23 May, 2021 12:09 IST|Sakshi Post

Beers, biryanis, and even "Tinder boost" are on offer as countries around the world try to persuade people who are reluctant to get the Covid-19 vaccine to do so.

However, there are concerns that some groups, especially young people, maybe more reluctant to get vaccinated.

To combat vaccine apprehension, businesses, as well as local and government authorities in various countries, are devising enticing schemes to entice those who are hesitant to come forward and get vaccinated.

Countries that offering Bribe to the people

America: Users of dating apps that have been vaccinated will be given a "vaccination sticker" and special benefits on their profiles under the new government scheme.

The White House announced in a statement that it is collaborating with many popular dating sites, including Tinder, Hinge, and Bumble, to provide exclusive content to those who can prove they have been vaccinated.

New Jersey: New Jersey has introduced the "Shot and a Beer," program that provides a free beer to those who receive their first dose in May. Those that have been vaccinated must present their vaccination card to one of the 13 participating breweries in order to receive a drink.

Dubai: Dubai officials have implemented a healthier vaccination program to inspire people to get vaccinated.

Residents who have received all of their vaccinations will be eligible for a fortnight's gym membership.

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