Bed-ridden Psychologist Wins Euthanasia Battle in Peru, To Die In 10 Days

4 Mar, 2021 16:23 IST|Sakshi Post

Euthanasia, the painless mercy killing of a patient is a topic that has been discussed a lot over the years. When euthanasia is banned all over the world, a person from Peru decided to fight for it. Ana Estrada from Peru won the battle and was granted the ‘Right to Die.’

Peru is a country where just like many other countries, euthanasia is banned. But Ana fought for her right to die and said that she is happy with everything that has happened. The court in Peru announced the result in Ana’s favour and granted her the right to die. Even the Government decided not to appeal against this decision.

Ana Estrada is a psychologist from Peru. She has been suffering from polymyositis for the past thirty years. This incurable disease has affected her life and left her bed-ridden. The severity is to the point where Ana mostly requires a respirator to breathe. Amidst all this, Ana decided to fight a legal battle. Five years ago, her fight for the right to die began in court.

After years of struggle, the decision was finally given in Ana’s favour. After the court granted her the right to die, even the Peru Ministries of Justice and Health added that Ana deserves a dignified death. It is her right. Ana shared her thoughts on this and said that she feels as if this is the victory of Peru’s justice system. It is a win for law and justice in Peru, she said.

Now that Ana has won the battle, she will be granted her wish in 10 days. All the necessary arrangements will be made. The state health insurer EsSalud will help in the arrangements.

Euthanasia is banned in all countries across the world. Just one or two states allow this, but that comes under certain conditions. Ana’s case marks a historic win in history. As Ana will need someone to help her in ending her life, the court has allowed any person to assist. In general circumstances, a person helping with Euthanasia would be seen as a culprit. But in this case, the person will not be penalized as the court permitted to help Ana.

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