Chopper Flies Down Pregnant Bride Amid NSW Floods

24 Mar, 2021 08:48 IST|Sakshi Post

For the past few days, the state of New South Wales in Australia is witnessing heavy rainfall and floods. Most of the places across the state have been listed as disaster areas with the issue of 19 evacuation orders.  The photos of submerged areas, people stuck in the floods, dead wildlife floated around in flooded areas are doing rounds on social media. But, a photo of a couple kissing in the middle of a flooded road went viral on social media. 

Going into the details, Kate Fotheringham and Wayne Bell decided to marry but Kate was stuck on one side of town and was not able to get over the flooded Dingo Creek to Wingham on the mid-north coast of New South Wales. Worried Kate took to her Twitter and tweeted, "Help me! It's my wedding day and we're flooded in! We need help to get to Wingham over the flooded creek. Anyone know someone willing to help?"

A good samaritan came to her help and she was flown to her wedding by helicopter. She told the Daily Telegraph, "I'm pregnant so my partner doesn't want me to get in a boat. It's ridiculously stressful."

She said that "I've had a few tears this morning just because… you don't plan to get through one of the biggest floods in 30 years to get to your wedding.' 

Affinity Helicopters in Port Macquarie came to her rescue and flew her to the wedding spot. 

After the ceremony, Kate Fotheringham tweeted a photo in which one could see the couple kissing in front of the still-submerged bridge. Sharing the photo, she wrote, "Update, I made it to the church and married the love of my life! Affinity Helicopters in Port Macquarie came to the rescue and made sure we all got there. This is the bridge that blocked us from making the 5minute drive into town! What a day!" Here is the tweet.

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