Angela Merkel's Reaction After She Realised That She Had Forgotten Facemask Is Going Viral

21 Feb, 2021 11:17 IST|Sakshi Post

Nowadays facemasks are compulsory and it has become a part of our life. We are habituated to wear masks and in many places one could see 'No Mask No Entry' board. 

In a parliament session on Friday, German Chacellor Angela Merkel rushed to get the facemask after she realised that she had forgotten her facemask. The video of the moment is going viral on social media. The twitter handle of Reuters shared the video and it has got more than 6.7K likes. 

In the video, one could see Angela Merkel sets all her files on the table and suddenly, she realises that she had forgotten her mask on the podium. She rushes to the podium to get her mask and her expression at that point is so cool. One of the woman sanitises the mask and gives it back to Angela. Here is the video.

Here are some of the reactions from the netizens to the above video.

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