After the US, Vaccinated South Koreans Unmask!

26 May, 2021 11:44 IST|Sakshi Post

As citizens in each country keep getting vaccinated, the fear of Covid19 goes away. It might sound like a dream but South Koreans can now roam around freely. Starting from July, masks will no longer be a compulsion in the country.

Those who got at least the first shot of their Covid vaccine dose will be allowed to go around freely starting from July. As of now the percentage of people who got vaccinated are relatively less, but the South Korean government is trying to motivate everyone. As of now, 7.7% of the total population have been vaccinated but the country is aiming for 70% by the end of September.

People who got the first dose of their vaccine will be allowed to gather in public places or large gatherings, confirmed Prime Minister Kim Boo-kyum in a Covid response meeting on Wednesday. The PM added that once more than 70% of the population has been vaccinated, they will readjust the plans and Covid quarantine measures.

The general public in South Korea, those aged between 60 to 74 will be vaccinated starting from tomorrow, May 27. This good news comes after the USA who already confirmed that their citizens can go around with their lives freely.

Seeing the positivity rate and daily case numbers in South Korea, this seems like a thought out decision. The vaccination program in the country is going well and the number of cases has gone down too. A total of 707 cases were reported yesterday. The total tally is now 137,682 cases.

Many have to start announcing their concert tours and other public meetings. Theatres are now open in many countries.

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