Earth's Magnetic Field Is Mysteriously Weakening!

24 May, 2020 10:36 IST|Sakshi

PARIS: As the world fights coronavirus pandemic, another major danger is threatening us. Scientists at the European Space Agency (ESA), on Saturday, revealed that the earth's magnetic field is weakening between Africa and South America.

According to the report, the Earth's magnetic field has lost over 8 percent of its intensity between 1970 and 2020.

Magnetic field basically plays a very important role for life on earth. The magnetic field protects the Earth from radiation from the Sun and charged particles emanating from space. 

A large area known as the South Atlantic Anomaly between Africa and Latin America has recorded a rapid decline in the magnetic fields in last 50 years. 

Scientists are using data from ESA's Swarm Satellite to conduct anomaly pass studies from the Swarm Data, Innovation and Science Cluster (DISC). These swarm satellites can detect and measure the different magnetic signals that make up the Earth's magnetic field. 

As per reports, in the last five years, another centre of low intensity has developed on the south-west side of Africa.

ESA has mused that a possibility for the weakening field is a sign that the Earth's magnetic field is about to reverse. The reversal will cause the  North Pole and the South Pole to switch places. 

What will happen if Earth's magnetic pole reverses?

The reversal of magnetic poles will affect the Earth's magnetic field which protects the planet from solar winds and harmful cosmic radiation. The magnetic field also affects Telecommunication and satellite systems and a reversal will disrupt computers and mobile phones. 

Not only this,  according to recent studies by seismologists the drastic reduction in human activity has caused the Earth to move substantially less. Scientists revealed that with the entire world at a standstill due to COVID-19, the planet is also standing still.

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