Afghanistan: Girls, Boys Segregated By A Curtain In Classes

7 Sep, 2021 09:36 IST|Sakshi Post

University classes started with a curtain of separation in Taliban-controlled Afghanistan. Photos shared by a local news channel on Twitter showed that girls and boys, segregated with a curtain inside the classroom. 

Talib Times, tweeted, “Taliban have made a rule and follow in the university now. Separate seating arrangements for male and female students at the university. The Ministry of Higher Education had directed that separate seating arrangements be made for both."

It looks like this is the latest education policy outlined by the Taliban. The Taliban many times stressed the point that they don't have an issue with the education of women. They also said that women attending universities should wear the hijab. They should wear an abaya robe and niqab covering most of the face.

Taliban issued a document stating the girls should only be taught by other women, if it is not possible then old men of good character should be taken in.

When the Taliban were in rule before 2001, the girls and women were mostly not allowed to study because of rules regarding same-sex classrooms and the insistence they had to be accompanied by a male person whenever they had to leave the house. 

The Taliban rule ended in 2001 and from then the admission rates into the universities increased, particularly among women. Women studied alongside men and attended seminars with male professors until the Taliban took over Afghanistan.

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