629 Indians Evacuated From Romania, Slovakia, Poland Within 24 Hours Under Operation Ganga

5 Mar, 2022 09:58 IST|Sakshi Post

A total of 629 Indian nationals from Romania, Slovakia, and Poland, the neighbouring countries of Ukraine have reached India on Saturday. Three C-17 heavy-lift transport aircraft of the IAF, which had taken off on March 4th from the Hindan airbase in Uttar Pradesh, landed back at Hindan Saturday morning. These flights also carried 16.5 tonnes of relief load from India to these countries.

Till now, 10 flights have been flown by the IAF to bring back 2056 passengers, while taking 26 tonnes of relief load to these countries, as part of Operation Ganga.

Many Indian students are moving into the Russian territory from the Ukrainian side with assistance from the Indian government. C-17s and commercial planes have been deployed by India to bring back Indian citizens from Poland, Romania, and Hungary.

Operation Ganga is an initiative launched by the Government of India to bring back Indian citizens stranded in Ukraine. India is putting all its efforts to bring back its nationals from Ukraine by moving them through land routes to the east European country's neighbours, namely Romania, Hungary, Poland, and Slovakia, and then flying them out from there. Some 20,000 Indians were in Ukraine at the beginning of the crisis, most of them were studying medicine in different parts of Ukraine.

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