Bella Jay Dark: Meet the World’s Youngest Author

17 Jun, 2022 17:29 IST|Sakshi Post
Pic courtesy: Guinness World Records

At 5, when most kids enjoy reading fairy tale books, a British girl Bella Jay Dark published a book titled ‘The Lost Cat’. The five-year-old girl broke the record for the youngest person to publish a book by any female. Her book sold more than a thousand copies which is the Guinness World Record’s minimum requirement for setting a record in this category. 

‘The Lost Cat’ book tells the story of Snowy, a kitten that gets lost after straying away from her mother. With her mother Chelsie Syme’s help, Bella got her book published. Chelsie said the book evokes a positive safety message for children. Chelsie added that she didn’t take her daughter Bella seriously when she expressed her desire to write a book and she was left surprised when she saw how serious her daughter was about the matter. 

The book also features drawings of the young girl. Chelsie said that apart from a picture in the book that was made by Bella’s elder sister, she has made every picture printed in the book. Bella was just 5 years and 211 days old when her book was released on January 31, 2022, according to records.

The book was published by Ginger Fyre Press, a children’s book publisher in Portland. The book is now available on Amazon

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Earlier, the youngest person to write a book was Thanuwana Serasinghe of Sri Lanka, who was 4 years and 356 days old when his book ‘Junk Food’ was released. He had joined the Guinness World Records men’s category for the same.

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