4G On Moon Nokia Wins NASA Contract!

19 Oct, 2020 14:26 IST|Sakshi Post

Very soon, the astronauts wandering in space may directly post their selfies with the rover and stream videos in vacuum. National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) and Nokia are planning to set up a 4G network on the Moon.

NASA says that, "Nokia proposes to deploy the first LTE/4G communications system in space. The system could support lunar surface communications at greater distances, increased speeds, and provide more reliability than current standards." According to the space agency, the idea to install 4G or 5G network on the Moon is inspired by "terrestrial technology".

NASA administrator Bridenstine said that, "We need power systems that can last a long time on the surface of the moon, and we need habitation capability on the surface."

Nokia's research wing Bell Labs said that, "Working with our partners at @Int_Machines, this groundbreaking network will be the critical communications fabric for data transmission applications, including the control of lunar rovers, real-time navigation over lunar geography and streaming of high definition video." Here is the tweet.

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