25 Cities With COVID Safety Rankings

14 Sep, 2021 11:28 IST|Sakshi Post

Recently an organization conducted a COVID-19 City Safety Ranking Q2/2021 analytical case study where they analyzed the situation in the city and how safe is it in the Covid times. This consists of the economic, societal, and health stability of 50 cities and municipalities globally.

“In the battle against COVID-19, especially in the run-up to the likely forthcoming wave of the Delta variant this autumn and other future waves, this report provides a useful picture of which governments are likely to be successful at fighting the next wave of COVID-19,” read the report by Deep Knowledge Group.

As per the report, the No.1 city and most likely to handle the situation well in case of the next wave is Abu Dhabi. They received 74.16 points. After that, it was Singapore with 71.69 points. In the third position was the South Korean capital, Seoul. There was no Indian city on the list. There are the top 25 cities and municipalities on this list, but Indian cities were not among them.

Check out the full ranking here:  

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