2 Telugu Doctors Succumb to Coronavirus In Riyadh

4 Mar, 2021 12:29 IST|Sakshi Post

Two doctors hailing from Telangana succumbed to coronavirus in Saudi Arabia. They have been living in Riyadh for a long time. The doctors were battling COVID19 for a long time. They tested positive sometime ago and it was a long fight.

Khaja Sirajuddin (57) was a native of Misri Gunj in Hyderabad. Khaja was staying in Saudi Arabia with his family. The family had settled in the country for a long time now. The first time he went through a COVID19 test, he was tested negative. Later when his condition deteriorated, he got the test done once again and this time he tested positive.

He was admitted to the Riyadh hospital and after weeks of the fight, he succumbed to the virus.

Yeravalli Sharat

Another doctor was Yeravalli Sharat Kumar was a 71-year-old doctor who was battling the virus for a long time. He was admitted to a hospital in Riyadh after testing positive for COVID19 around a month back. On Tuesday, he died after a month-long struggle.

Yeravalli Kumar was a native of the Siddipet district. He settled in Saudi Arabia long back and was working as a private doctor there. The 71-year-old doctor was a retired Ministry of Health worker.

Saudi Arabia as a country has imposed strict regulations. The country had relatively fewer cases.

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