Two Women Of Kashmir Origin Find Place In US President Biden Team

18 Jan, 2021 13:34 IST|Sakshi Post

Another proud moment for Indians as two Kashmiri-origin women Sameera Fazili and Aisha Shah were named in the US President-elect Joe Biden team. The Indian-American woman, Fazili was named as the deputy director of the National Economic Council at the White House. Another one to be included in Biden’s team was Aisha Shah as she was named partnerships manager of Digital Strategy.

Even though Sameera Fazili's parents wanted her to become a physician, she did not agree as her dreams were different. Pursuing her dreams to study economics, now she will be a key member in the economic policy-making process.

Fazili's family in Srinagar shared their thoughts and said they couldn’t be more proud. "We are very proud. Everybody in Kashmir should be proud as it is a proud moment for the whole Kashmir,” shared one of her family members, Rouf Fazili.

Uncle Fazili added further that Sameera was not born in Kashmir and her parents shifted in 1970-71. But they kept visiting Kashmir from time to time. Rouf could not speak to Sameera directly, but he spoke with the family members in the US and all of them were very happy.

Sameera Fazili is a very enthusiastic person. Her interests include Skiing, tennis and travelling. She was a clinical lecturer at Yale Law School.

Aisha Shah who was named as the partnerships manager of Digital Strategy completed her education from Davidson College in North Carolina.

Joe Biden will be swearing as the US president on 20th January with Kamala Harris sworn in as the Vice President during the ceremony which is set to take place at the US capitol. It will be a star-studded ceremony with many big names including Jennifer Lopez and Lady Gaga set to perform at the event.

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