Top 5 Most Haunted Places In Hyderabad

17 Jun, 2022 17:46 IST|Sakshi Post

By Devraj Bollareddy

It is definitely safe to assume that horror stories also exist outside the realm of horror movies. It is perplexing to imagine the notion of paranormal activities and haunted houses being present in the very city you call home. With the rich history and heritage Hyderabad has to offer, it is not surprising to realize that there are in fact many haunted places in Hyderabad. Let’s go over some of Hyderabad’s most haunted places.

Kundanbagh House

The story behind the Kundanbagh estate remains unsolved to this day. Hyderabadis have not forgotten the story behind this mansion since it first became public news in 2002. Since then, entry into the property has been prohibited and the street on which the property is located starts to look deserted and desolate as soon as the evening hours roll in. There are a lot of versions of the Kundanbagh story but in summary, a family of four used to live at the mansion and one day the father left and never came back. The neighbors took note of the kids and the wife, who still seemed to stroll the gardens and play outside. However, when a thief entered the house one day, he was confronted with the sight of three dead bodies that have been dead for almost six months. That left the neighbors with a lot of questions, if the family had been dead for six months, then how did they see them regularly in the premises? As of now, the Kundanbagh property is abandoned and its electricity supply is cut off but locals still report seeing lights flicker on and off to this day.

Golconda Fort

The popular rumor is that after 6pm, when the light and sound show ends and visitors leave, Golconda Fort turns into a paranormal hub. Visitors claim to have seen ownerless shadows randomly appear on walls and some visitors claimed hearing haunting shrieks that echo all over the historic fort. Crew members that used the fort for shoots post 6pm reported seeing images hung on the wall being turned upside down and heard troubling voices.

Rajiv Gandhi International Airport

Out of all the places on this list, this place comes as the biggest surprise. There has been talk of the airport being haunted for a while but this talk got heated when a Qatar Airways pilot reportedly stopped the plane instantly when he saw a lady in a white saree dancing on the runway. In another instance, employees were called into the security room when they say a mysterious man on the CCTV camera, the man in the footage apparently laughed at the employees, taunting them for a while before turning his head 360 degrees, spooking the employees out.

Ramoji Film City

The security guards at Ramoji Film City are extra cautious after the sun sets since the place is believed the be infamously haunted by the spirits of soldiers that passed away while fighting on the site. Yes, for those who were wondering, Ramoji Film City is indeed built over a battlefield. There have been many reports of film crews experiencing paranormal activity while working on sets with many seeing apparitions in the mirror and there were also reports of entire chandeliers falling off the roof during shoots.

Dedh Lakh Ghar

40 years ago, a prominent family in Hyderabad spent one and a half lakh rupees on constructing their house, this was a huge amount at that time and it earned this house its name. The paranormal activity in this house started pretty early on, with the owner’s wife tragically passing away with a heart attack just a few days before they formally moved into the house. The owner decided that something was off about that place and never set foot in the house again. He later went on to lease the house to a student who later committed suicide after exhibiting signs of strange behavior. Every family that went on to live at the house experienced problems, some passed away, some committed suicide and some appeared to behave strangely.

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