Minor Girl Violated Since March, Karkhana Police Arrest Three Adults, Two Minors

7 Jun, 2022 15:54 IST|Sakshi Post

Hyderabad: After the sensational Jubilee Hills Gangrape case hit the headlines, a total of five sexual assaults have been reported in the state capital. 

The latest in the string of rape cases in Hyderabad is a sexual assault on a 15-year-old girl in Karkhana area, who was allegedly raped by five persons including two minor boys. 

According to the Karkhana police, the girl was being violated since March and it came to light only on Monday after a case was filed on May 30. The victim was sexually assaulted separately across multiple locations by the five persons. The parents suspected something was fishy going on as their daughter was going out frequently on the pretext of sleepovers at a friend's place. 

The police filed a case after the complaint was submitted by the victim’s father. According to the police, the accused developed friendship with the class 10 girl over social media. They allegedly took some photographs of the victim in a compromising position and continued blackmailing her.

Meanwhile, police said all five persons — three accused and two children in conflict with the law have been arrested and remanded to judicial custody. Karkhana police officials said they also have arrested owners of two lodges, where the accused exploited her. The police clarified that it was not a gangrape. 

Earlier, two more rape cases came to light in which two orphan minors were sexually assaulted by youth who had befriended with them. The incidents occurred in April but came to light after the warden of the girl’s hostel found out the girls were violated and lodged a complaint with the police. 

Two cases were registered under zero FIR at Humayun Nagar police station and later transferred to Ramgopalpet and Rajendranagar police stations as the offences were committed in the areas beyond their jurisdictions.

In the first incident, an orphan girl was sexually assaulted by one Suresh in a car on Necklace Road abutting Hussain Sagar when she went there for a birthday party of a friend. 

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The second victim was lured and raped by a minor boy at a theatre in shopping mall in Attapur area. The accused allegedly took the victim out of the theatre in the middle of the show and violated her on the same premises. The accused juvenile has been apprehended and sent to an observation home. 

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