Telangana New Chief Justice Satish Chandra Sharma?

18 Sep, 2021 12:14 IST|L Manisha

The Supreme Court collegium on Friday has proposed Justice Satish Chandra Sharma as Chief Justice of Telangana High Court. The Acting Chief Justice of Karnataka is Justice Sharma. The Collegium has also proposed the appointment of seven additional Chief Justices to other States, in addition to Justice Sharma. Allahabad will have Justice Rajesh Bindal as Chief Justice, Calcutta will have Justice Prakash Srivastava, Andhra Pradesh will have Justice Prashant Kumar Mishra, Karnataka will have Justice Ritu Raj Awasthi, Meghalaya will have Justice Ranjit V More, Gujarat will have Justice Aravind Kumar, and Madhya Pradesh will have Justice R V Malimath as Chief Justice.

The collegium has recommended that five more Chief Justices be transferred: They are Justice Arup Kumar Goswami – from Andhra Pradesh to Chhattisgarh, Justice Mohd. Rafiq – from Madhya Pradesh to Himachal Pradesh, Justice Akil Qureshi – from Tripura to Rajasthan, Justice Indrajit Mahanty – from Rajasthan to Tripura, and Justice Biswanath Somadder – from Meghalaya to Sikkim. Justice Satish Chandra Sharma, who would be appointed Chief Justice of Telangana, is a native of Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh.

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