Telangana Private School Teachers Salaries Not Paid For Nine Months

21 Dec, 2020 16:57 IST|Sakshi Post

Hyderabad: Many people are suffering due to the pandemic. During the lockdown many people were forced to quit their jobs.

Teachers from private schools in Telangana are facing problems. They did not receive their salary for the past nine months. This problem has been going on since April. The teachers are unhappy with the lack of support from the state government.

Due to all this, the teachers decided to hold a protest. The 'Maha Dharana' was held at Indira Park on Sunday. Teachers from around 500 private schools got together for this protest.

One of the teachers said, "We are in desperation, as we are not receiving salaries since April. It is very difficult to cope up with our daily needs. Many times we have requested the State government to give minimum Rs 10,000 every month. Several times we have requested the state government to think about the plight of private teachers as we are facing hardship for past several months. Fed up apathy we decided to stage protest.”

It was added that most of the teachers across Telangana are not being paid. Even they receive payment, it is very less. The teachers who are getting their salary only receive 50 percent of the payment. They are in a lot of problems. Few teachers ended up taking their lives due to this.

The teachers during the protest demanded, government to give at least Rs 10,000 every month as means to support them. 

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