Telangana: IIIT Hyderabad Created Special App 'Crop Darpan'

25 Jan, 2021 16:11 IST|Sakshi Post

Hyderabad: Extensive efforts are being made to increase online advice in agriculture. For this, a special app has been developed in collaboration with IIIT Hyderabad, Jayashankar Agriculture University, and Bombay IIT. The app was developed under the Indo-Japan Joint Research Laboratory Project under the name CropDarpan. However, in the past, arrangements were made in this app to solve the problems of farmers only on the cotton crop. Arrangements are being made to design apps focusing on other crops in the next stages as well.

The farmer is informed about the diseases caused by the crop. Based on the information, he can stop the disease and increase crop production. This app was created under the Indo-Japan Joint Research Laboratory Project.

This application solves some problems for farmers. This app will give farmers information about the diseases caused by cotton crops. Information about diseases on other crops is also available in the next updated version of the application. IIIT Hyderabad Professor P. Krishna Reddy's guidance was led by Arvind Gadmashetty, Venkateswara Parvataneni, Saideep Chennupathi, and Srinivas Annapalli. Recently, he has done a commendable job with the IT collaboration on agriculture advisory policy and rural e-agriculture.

Issues related to cotton crop growth, pests, bacteria, fungal diseases, and nutritional deficiencies are covered in this app. Apart from guiding farmers on pests, awareness will also be created. They suggested that the app be downloaded on smartphones through the link at portal.

At present, the app 'Crop Darpan' is prepared only in Telugu and English. Efforts are being made to expand it to other Indian languages soon besides Hindi. The app is designed to help farmers know the answers to the questions they choose, the steps to take, when to sow the seeds and how to provide nutrients. It will soon be promoted from the village level.

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