Telangana Govt To Fill 65k Vacancies

7 Sep, 2021 11:58 IST|Sakshi Post

Telangana Jobs: The state of Telangana has 65 thousand job openings.

The government of Telangana may issue a job announcement for 65 thousand positions soon.

The execution of the President's new directives is the final stage.

Postings by cadre and employee data gathering

Starting today, the Finance Ministry will hold talks with government departments.

Soon, CM KCR will have the opportunity to examine the situation and make a decision on job replacement.

Hyderabad: The procedure for filling vacancies in state government employee cadres in the required zones has been completed. The list of the number of openings in each branch's sections is complete. Over 65,000 job vacancies have already been identified by the government.

According to government sources, notices for the replacement of 50,000 to 65,000 positions will most likely be given soon. All government departments published information on sanctioned jobs and the division of employees working in them in the specified format from the departments under their control on a district, zonal, and multi-zonal cadre basis on Monday, under the President's new directions on locality.

The state finance ministry will meet with the relevant government agencies on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday to complete the division of work under the President's new directives. In addition, the appropriate departments will be contacted for information on empty positions by cadre. The government will have complete information on the cadre in all branches by the 9th of this month (September). In addition, representatives from the Finance Ministry will meet with officials from other departments to discuss issues such as recruiting and other terms of service.

A report detailing empty positions per department will be prepared by the State Finance Ministry. The CM is expected to meet with officials on or around the 10th of this month to discuss suggestions for direct appointment jobs. The road would be opened for replacement if the Chief Minister is satisfied with the recommendations provided by the Finance Ministry.

According to the assurance given by CM KCR, notifications for the replacement of more than 50 thousand posts at once will be issued within the next seven months. With by-elections for the Huzurabad Assembly seat expected to take place in the final week of November, the administration is allegedly intending to issue notifications for scale replacement a month before the polls.

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