Telangana: Despite COVID Fears, All Wedding Halls, Marriage Function Venues Booked

18 May, 2021 15:31 IST|Sakshi Post

A few families have already postponed weddings.

While others have switched the location from the wedding halls to their homes with fewer guests.

Hyderabad: The second wave of the Covid pandemic, as well as the subsequent lockdown implemented in the Telangana state to curb the virus's spread, has prompted many families to postpone or change their plans for their children's weddings, which were scheduled on the auspicious days from May 16 to 30.

Usually, in the months of May and June, there are many weddings. According to Gopala Sharma a priest in the city, there are 16 muhurtas in May, and 12 in June. 

According to Vedic scholars, nearly tens of thousands of weddings will take place in the joint Palamuru district over the next two months. The auspicious time began on May 6th and will last until June 26th.

The state government has placed special rules on the conduct of weddings as part of the lockdown. People are performing marriages in accordance with the COVID protocols. Officials advise that the number of family members and important guests at weddings and other ceremonies should not cross 40. The wedding ceremony should have only 20 guests. According to revenue officials, the wedding should be performed at residences if possible, to minimize the number of people attending them.

Prior permission from the local Tehsildar is required.

A wedding that takes place at home with a few guests can be legalized by registering it at the registry office. As per procedure the bride and groom should submit an affidavit along with schooling certificates, birth certificates, Aadhar cards, local certification, and three witnesses.

COVID protocol at weddings

The wearing of masks and sanitizers is necessary at weddings including for the bride and groom.

The wedding venue should be fully sanitized a day before the wedding.

Those attending the wedding should be checked to see if they have symptoms like fever or cold.

Authorities are warning people to bar the entry of those who might have symptoms or display any signs of COVID.

Meanwhile, Police and Revenue Department officials have stated that large events in wedding venues should be avoided and family members and guests should follow Covid safety protocols.

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