Sakshi Excellence Awards: Posthumous Award To Jawan Bongu Babu Rao

25 Sep, 2021 15:27 IST|Sakshi Post

Jawan Bongu Babu Rao receives a posthumous award from the Sakshi Excellence Awards.

Sakshi Excellence Awards: 'Sakshi' pays tribute to Veera Jawan Baburao, who dedicated his life to the country's service. The 'Sakshi Excellence Award' has been announced by Sakshi. Priya, Amara Jawan Baburao's wife, received the award at the awards event on September 17 in Hyderabad.

Veera Jawan Baburao 'Posthumous' Award

Jawans commit their life to the defence of the country while serving in far-flung locations away from their families. Baburao, a native of Srikakulam's Vajrapukottur area, also joined the Assam Rifles at a young age. Baburao was instrumental in the capture of terrorists along the Arunachal Pradesh border. He was killed in a violent confrontation between terrorists and jawans there. Priya was married to Baburao eight months prior to this.

Award For The Country

"My husband is happy to receive this recognition for his services and sacrifice to the country as a soldier. Thanks for the Sakshi Excellence Award."

–Priya, Amara Jawan‌ Baburao's Wife

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