Private Bus Ticket Prices Hiked: Details Inside

2 Apr, 2021 15:19 IST|Sakshi Post

Hyderabad: Passengers who travel from Hyderabad to any part of Andhra Pradesh in a private bus are forced to shell out a hefty price for their tickets.

Passengers are facing severe difficulties as private travels owners, who run bus services between the two states, are charging double the amount. Many private buses have been shut down by operators since March 31st last year due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

On a normal day, a private travels bus ticket from Hyderabad to Guntur costs Rs 350. Now, passengers say that they are forced to shell out anywhere between Rs 750 and Rs 900.

Private buses have gradually started their services over the last few months owing to the lockdown being lifted due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

In some places, the tickets are being blocked and sold at the last minute at exorbitant rates as there is a huge rush and demand. A fewer number of RTC buses are being run right now. Even the ones which are operational are full almost always and with not enough seats available for all the commuters.

Commuters allege that Private bus rates are being changed all the time depending on the availability of the seats on the bus at the time. The seating also decides the price of the ticket. 

For example, the ticket rates are Rs 800 for rear seats, Rs 1,000 for middle seats, and Rs 1,000 for window seats.

Now, commuters want the government to intervene and reduce ticket rates or streamline the bus ticket fares. However, travel agents say the increase in the ticket prices on buses comes as the taxes are being levied heavily on them. And to survive the economic hurdles they are hiking the bus fares.

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