Police Personnel in Telangana To Be Vaccinated

10 Apr, 2021 09:29 IST|Sakshi Post

Hyderabad: Being Front Line Work Force, Police Personnel including Home Guards across the state have been directed to undergo Covid Vaccination, in case not already done in view of Rapid increase in Covid cases all over the State.

The Unit Officers including District Superintendents of Police and Commissioners of Police have been directed to take up a special drive to identify Police Personnel who have not yet taken vaccination and ensure that all such police personnel takes vaccination in the next one week in coordination with officials of Health Department.

The Police Department shall reach a 95% level of vaccination for all its police personnel including Home Guards in the next one week.

The Special Police Units including Telangana State Special Police, Training Institutions, CID, Intelligence, Greyhounds, Octopus, etc., have also been directed to complete vaccination in their respective Units in the next one week.

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