Passing Out Parade Of Different Kind As 80 Dogs Graduate From IITA Moinabad, Hyderabad

16 Feb, 2021 16:42 IST|Sakshi Post

A passing out ceremony for dogs will be held in Hyderabad. Yes, in a very unique ceremony, a total of 80 dogs will be graduating after completing their training and course. The event will be held on Tuesday at the training academy in Hyderabad.

These 80 dogs will be passing out from the Integrated Intelligence Training Academy (IITA) in Moinabad as they have successfully completed their training. The training course started in June 2020 and finally came to an end recently. These dogs are now ready to assist the police.

The 80 dogs are of different breeds including German Shepard, Labrador, Golden Retriever, Cocker Spaniel and Belgian Malinois, and they are well trained in sniffing out various things like bomb, drugs, Alcohol and other stuff. They are also very helpful in investigating crime cases.

The police Department of Telangana and Bihar state will equally divide these dogs between them. For over nine months, the dogs underwent training along with their handlers. All the COVID-19 rules and regulations were followed during this time.

Along with the regular assessment sessions for the dogs, the handlers or the trainers were assessed as well. For the starting month, the handlers would only focus on building a bond with the dogs. In the following month, they would learn and undergo training for obedience. After the basic training is done, the dogs will train to sniff out explosives and narcotics. Regular tests will be conducted to assess the performance and growth of each dog. Any dog that didn’t do well in the mock session will be taken extra care of, by the handlers.

During the mock drills, the department used TNT to train the dogs. In order to train for sniffing narcotics, they would use cocaine and opium. Other such methods and stuff were used to train the dogs. After the passing out ceremony is done, these dogs will be handed over to the Police department.

These 80 dogs are from Kennels at Medchal and Himayathnagar in Hyderabad. 

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