Opposition Playing Dramas With Blatant Lies To Confuse People on recruitments: KTR

26 Feb, 2021 11:00 IST|Sakshi Post

TRS government had filled 1,32,899 job vacancies in various departments and organisations since 2014, details have been furnished through the media:KTR

Hyderabad: Minister KT Rama Rao was concerned about the youth majorly who are mislead by the opposition towards jobs. Because they are the ones who will look forward to jobs and settlements in life. He answered the Congress and BJP not to give wrong results to the public and not to confuse the people, particularly the youth.

TRS working president and MAUD Minister KT Rama Rao on Thursday said the opposition parties were resorting to false propaganda on recruitments carried out by the TRS government.

“They have now started a new drama to confuse people with their blatant lies. Congress and BJP are concealing the truth and deliberately spreading false information about job recruitments in Telangana State since the TRS government came to power in 2014,” Rama Rao said in an open letter.

KT Rama Rao said that the TRS government had filled 1,32,899 job vacancies in various departments and organizations since 2014, and these details have been furnished through the media. “I have already informed that if anyone has any doubts about our government’s commitment to job recruitment, they can approach the respective departments and clarify,” he said, adding that the opposition, unable to digest these facts, had resorted to making false statements since Wednesday to mislead the youth of Telangana with blatant lies.

The TRS working president said it was sad that even a senior politician like K Jana Reddy tends to spread such lies. “Jana Reddy told the media on Thursday that TRS had said that it would give jobs if it came to power. Yes, he is correct. As promised, the TRS government has been providing jobs to the youth since it came to power. I reiterated the same yesterday,” he said.

He said that Jana Reddy had promised to provide all details about job vacancies filled during Congress’ 10-year tenure in undivided Andhra Pradesh, “My sincere appeal to Jana Reddy Garu is to disclose the number of jobs given to Telangana youth during your tenure.”

“To prove wrong the false information being spread by senior leaders like Jana Reddy and opposition parties, I am providing details of the 1,32,899 lakh job vacancies filled by the TRS government since 2014,” he said.

The minister gave clarity and provided the right information to the people, especially the youth, who are being confused and misled by the opposition’s baseless accusations. “After checking all these facts, I sincerely hope that opposition parties will stop their false propaganda,” Rama Rao said.

As per the figures released by Mr. Rao, the majority of the jobs filled through various agencies include TSPSC - 30,594, TS Police Recruitment Board - 31,972, Telangana State Residential Education Institutes Recruitment Board - 3,623, Junior Panchayat Secretaries - 9,355, Singareni Collieries Company Limited - 12,500, TSGENCO, TRANSCO, NPDCL, SPDCL - 6,648, TSRTC - 4,768, regularization of employees in Electricity Department - 22,637.

Apart from these, jobs were filled in universities, DCCBs, Water Board, and several government agencies. Jobs under the final stage include 6,258 while the total jobs filled are 1,32,899, said the Minister.

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