Online Booking of Hotel Rooms in Hyderabad Under Police Radar

17 Jan, 2022 15:18 IST|Sakshi Post

Hyderabad: Online hotel activities are being investigated by the police.

Hyderabad: A surge in the misuse of hotel rooms booked online has prompted the Hyderabad City Police to convene a meeting with hotels to discuss how to prevent law violations in such rooms.

Recently, the authorities raided rooms of online hotel companies in the city and discovered that rooms rented over the internet were being used for gambling and even flesh trafficking.

"As there is not much interaction between the management nor proper surveillance on the accommodation, people are checking in and indulging in unlawful activities," a police official said.

The police had raided a few rooms in apartments that were rented out to such hotel room operators in the past after receiving complaints from locals and arrested people for illegal actions.

"For hotels and lodges, it is mandatory that the management approaches the authorities concerned and obtain various clearances before starting their business. The online hotel room operators are not informing the police, which in turn is resulting in the misuse of their properties," according to the official.

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Following multiple complaints and police cases, City Police Commissioner CV Anand is holding a meeting with property managers and owners to highlight the importance of inspecting bags, keeping visitor records, and installing security cameras.

"People are just walking in after booking a room online. It is quite risky and a threat. Already in several cases, police teams caught people for illegal activities in such rooms and sealed the premises. The management has to support us to ensure the safety and security of the society," he stated.

Officials claim that keeping track of who books rooms online and checks in will make it easier to spot any illegal behaviour or criminal activity. They believe that surveillance cameras will serve as a deterrent to offenders.

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