Notorious Rowdy Sheeter Salman Arrested In Meerpet

19 Dec, 2020 11:15 IST|Sakshi Post

Hyderabad: The police in the Rachakonda have been working on keeping the area safe from all the sheeters/trouble mongers. In this ongoing drive, the Rachakonda police commissionerate, CP has recently detained a trouble monger called Mohammed Salman. He was sent to the Central Prison, Cherlapally on Friday (18th Dec).

Salman’s history of problematic behavior goes way back to 2016. Salman and his acquaintances were committing crimes such as thievery. Their crimes were mostly limited to the Meerpet, Rachakonda area. Between years 2016 to 2019, Salman was registered for at least 12 major theft cases, robberies, extortion and even attempt to murder.

Salman who lives in Meerpet, Hyderabad city, has been arrested by police multiple times. He was convicted in court. Even after getting out on bail several times, his actions remain the same. Salman has continued to indulge in criminal activities.

Now this year, Salman came into police’s hands for his involvement in crimes like attempt to murder. There were at least 3 such cases before he was finally arrested by the Meerpet police station and detained under IPC and Sec 25 (1)(B)(b) of Arms Act.

Mohammed Salman has continued to disrespect the law. He repeatedly indulges in crimes like thefts, criminal intimidation and even something as serious as attempt to murder. He got out on bail several times and yet his behavior has been nothing but a threat to the general public of Meerpet.

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