No Hyderabad Fish Prasad This Year Too

27 May, 2022 15:56 IST|Sakshi Post

Hyderabad: As part of precautionary measures, the annual event to give fish "prasadam" to asthma patients would not be held this year for the third year in a row due to the pandemic.

Due to the pandemic, Bathini Harinath Goud and his family have decided to stop distributing fish 'prasadam' since 2020. The second wave led them to cancel the event last year as well.

"Though the pandemic situation is currently under control, we decided not to organise distribution as a measure of abundant precaution," Goud added.

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Every year, the festival takes place in the Nampally Exhibition Grounds during Mrigasira Karthi, which marks the beginning of the monsoon season. Thousands of asthma sufferers arrive in the city from all across the country to get the fish offering.

The asthmatics swallow a live 'murrel' fish with a yellow herbal paste in its mouth, which is said to bring much-needed relief after three years of use. The medication is sweetened with jaggery for vegetarians.

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